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Natalie – 26/03/2014

Really lovely course, great instructor and welcoming atmosphere. Thoroughly recommend this.

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on 6/10/13 Sasha says:

We loved baby massage. It’s so lovely to spend quality time with your baby and so relaxed and comfortable. I was amazed at the quality of eye contact I got from my baby. We learnt the routines at a good pace, and the manual made it easy to follow at home. The instructor is lovely – she is understanding and a good teacher, with a good sense of humour.
This is definitely recommended to any mum seeking a class to go to. I can’t wait for my husband to do the Dads class!

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Jessica Jones – 17/10/2013

Would like to say thank you, it was a great bonding experience for me and my baby.

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on 5/10/13 Laura says:

I had one-to-one lessons at home because my baby was too young for classes and they were brilliant. My teacher was lovely and gave me loads of general baby care tips as well as teaching me how to massage my baby, how to do an anti-wind routine and how to do general exercises with her to help her develop.

Over and above that, she gave me guidance on how to continue the massage into toddler and childhood years.

I really enjoyed the lessons and got lots from them. And the techniques I learnt have been great for settling my baby’s windy tummy. It’s also been a lovely bonding experience.

Highly recommended!

Learn Baby Massage – Facebook
Katherine – 17 December

I loved learning baby massage and I still use the techniques on my children, even though my oldest is now 5. And, if I’m lucky, she gives me a massage too.

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on 28/2/13 Nadia says:

My baby and I loved baby massage.

A lovely calm, relaxed environment. Met a lovely group of mums and we were given plenty of time to chat.

Best of all, after following the colic routine taught in class. No more screaming! Magic


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on 31/1/13 Sarah says:

I absolutely loved baby massage. I am a first-time parent and don’t mind admitting to struggling a fair bit in the first few weeks. Baby massage helped me bond with my baby, with other mums and also taught me that getting out of the house with a baby isn’t the traumatic experience i had expected and built it up to be. i regularly use the techniques, especially for constipation and often just for general relaxation for us both. She loves it and i love it too. Would definitely recommend it

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on 21/4/12 Amanda says:

The course at Farsley Children’s centre was great. Vicky was lovely, really great with the babies. It was nice to meet other Mum’s and there was even juice and biscuits!!

Highly recommended!

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on 20/4/12 Sally says:

I attended a baby massage course last year when my daughter was about 12 weeks old. It was a great bonding experience for us and also gave me an opportunity to meet other mums going through the same experiences and worries! The relaxed atmosphere and clear demonstrations meant it was easy to follow and carry out at home.

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on 20/4/12 Rebecca says:

A lovely group for new mums, giving you and your baby some quality time to get to know each other and bond. Relaxing atmosphere, allowing you chance to meet other mums for support and advice. I was amazed how much my little girl enjoyed as the weeks progressed.

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on 9/12/11 Lucinda says:

We have just finished a course of baby massage at Guiseley children’s Centre and both me and my daughter absolutely loved it! I think the benefits of baby massage are amazing and really seal that wonderful bond that you have with your baby. I took my son last year so I couldn’t wait to take my daughter. She can tell when I am about to give her a massage and gets very excited and smiley which gives me such a great feeling! She had been struggling with bowel movements (sorry if that’s too much information!) She was only going every 3 days and seemed to be very uncomfortable. By the end of the course she was going daily (sometimes more) and no longer seems to have trouble! Her little tummy has improved so much and I cant thank Vicky enough for showing us the techniques and giving us the confidence to implement the massage. To any sceptics, I can confirm that baby massage is magical for tummy complaints! Thank you so much Vicky!

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on 18/10/11 Jacqueline says:

We have just finished a 5 week course at Roundhay with Vicky and we have LOVED it!

Vicky creates a peaceful and relaxed setting and makes you feel so at ease. She emphasised from the outset that if our babies were to get upset or stressed out, not to worry and just give them what they needed which I found so reassuring, especially as my baby screamed the house down at the first lesson!!

I found it to be a real bonding experience for me and my baby and it’s been great to have something else to do at home with her. Whenever she hears the “swish swish” of the massage oil in her ear now I get a great big smile!

Vicky is so good at what she does and very approachable with any questions you may have.

Can’t recommend enough, plus the biccies are heavenly 🙂

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on 18/8/11 Emma says:

I recently finished the course at Roundhay St Andrews with Vicky. Me and my 4 month old son really enjoyed every minute (and the biscuits at the end). Vicky is fantastic and really knows her stuff.