Babies can be massaged from birth, but in a class environment with new sights smells and sounds babies begin to cope comfortably by around 4 weeks old for Baby Massage.
Anytime from 4 weeks to a year old, however it’s a lot easier pre-crawling it takes confident parenting once your little one is mobile but with our support it is doable.
Yes we have a free support service, if your baby is too young to attend a course still simply contact us as baby massage can help you in the early days and we will help you.
For Baby Massage, a towel big enough to flip over your lap (babies don’t wear nappies in class so dark colours may wash better!).
A cushion if you’d like to, you will be sat on the floor for an hour.
For Postnatal, nothing.
Everything else is provided and included within the course costs.
Classes are baby led, so if babies cry, need to feed or have a nappy change we just roll with it, there is no pressure for your baby to perform any differently to their norm.
No, sorry , older children are not allowed in our classes as the aim is to give total attention to the babies.
We have a maximum of ten attendees per class in order to insure quality provision in Baby Massage. We work with a maximum of twelve and retain the same quality with the postnatal group.
Whilst the terms and conditions state that missed classes are simply non refundable, wherever possible you will be invited to an alternative lesson or given a ten minute catch up prior to your next class.
Twins are fine, how you deliver the massage is up to you, parents over the years have chosen different ways according to the way they manage many other things. You are guaranteed of our support.