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Learn Baby Massage Vivere ran as a fantastic infant massage service for eight years covering a wide area of Leeds. The business founder Victoria Iball enjoyed happy times shared with over 3000 parents and babies and grew the business adding two instructors to her team. The businesses ethos of offsetting a percentage of funds from private classes to enable levels of free provision to vulnerable families made the company unique to the area.

In 2014 Victoria opened Firefly Pottery in Horsforth and by 2015 the two businesses and family life became too big a juggle!

The sale of Vivere to anyone not continuing to practice it’s ethos was not acceptable, therefore the two teachers working for the company Catherine Foster and Janet Attwood have been gifted the courses they were teaching. They are both fantastic instructors and now run the courses under thier own company banners and continue to provide voluntary work.



Janet Attwood
I graduated from the Yorkshire School of Shiatsu in August 2003 after training for over 5 years.

During my training I have studied with nationally and
internationally recognised teachers of Shiatsu, Qi Gong, and Seiki, and support my practice with yoga and Qi Gong.

I discovered shiatsu while expecting my first child and experienced what a wonderful therapy it is through pregnancy and new motherhood.

As a midwife of 20 years I am especially interested in offering shiatsu during pregnancy, for childbirth, and in the weeks following.

I have trained with Suzanne Yates and received the ‘Well-Mother’ diploma for shiatsu practitioners.

Janet uses her Shiatsu skills and qualifications to deliver massage to your baby using strokes that reflect those of the IAIM delivery and teaches the Otley baby massage course. She is also a fantastic person to go to yourself for pre and postnatal shiatsu massage and those services can be found on her own website www.janetattwood.co.uk

Catherine Foster + 2
eMail Catherine
As a mother of two young boys I know how special becoming a parent can be. I know it can be quite daunting at times too! My eldest son suffered with colic and my health visitor recommended baby massage to me. I quickly signed up when my baby was 6 weeks old. I was amazed at how massaging my baby really helped to calm and soothe him, not to mention me! I also found massage made me feel closer to him and really strengthened our bond. I made some really good friends on the course too who I am still in touch with today. It really helped sharing tips and advice with likeminded mums who had babies of a similar age.

I also attended a baby massage course with my second son. He suffered with reflux, and again, I found the tips and advice invaluable. Mostly I found the class to be a great opportunity to have quality one to one time, without the interruptions of a toddler at home.

I continue to this day to give my boys positive nurturing touch through massage or play. Most days I am asked “will you massage my feet mummy?”, a favourite of both my boys!.

I was so inspired by the many benefits of baby massage, I decided to train with the International Association of Infant Massage to become an instructor myself in 2010. Since then I have taught well over 1,000 babies and mums the many wonderful benefits of baby massage. I believe it is one of the best loving starts you can give to your baby to promote health and happiness. I am passionate about teaching the benefits of baby massage and find it such a rewarding and fulfilling career. I love meeting new mums and their babies and welcoming them to my classes, which are are relaxed, informal and fun! I aim to deliver a great course teaching all the benefits of baby massage, sharing those invaluable tips and advice together, and having lots of fun and laughter along the way!

Victoria Iball
eMail Vicky

“I would like to thank all those who have attended my courses over the years and wish you many happy years of massage together. I love it when you pop into Firefly to say Hi, it’s wonderful to see your children as they grow. I continue be passionate about the benefits of infant massage and postnatal care and wholeheartedly encourage people to learn and campaign for the re-instatement of NHS funding for free provision.”